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Welcome to the new website

Ok, so my new website is "live" but it's just a SOFT LAUNCH – meaning you will not be able to book classes through it yet. You will see beautiful stock photos holding place for my own photos and videos, which are coming and you will see my class schedule and the general website layout.

Coming soon

A video-on-demand library to purchase individual videos or pay by monthly subscription, a user account profile for you to manage your online class schedule via the website and we're updating our email service, which is why is experiencing disruptions at the moment.

We are working on all that functionality this month. Check out my website to view the current class schedule and to sign up for online classes, email me at

February's Schedule

Starting this month I will be doing a Relax & Recharge IRL series at the Heartbeat House every LAST FRIDAY of each month @ 7:30pm - 9pm. Each one will have a specific target area. I will share the focus for the whole year soon.

Those workshops will be available in person and online. Stay tuned to my Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Relax and recharge class

Booking my classes at the Heartbeat House has not changed. Here is the schedule and link to book, as per usual.

  • iSOLE8 – Tuesdays @ 6pm – $18 per person

  • Restorative Yoga – Sundays @ 7pm – $14 per person

  • YBB – Sundays @ 8:15pm – $18 per person

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Heartbeat House schedule

  2. Search the calendar for the days listed above

  3. Look for Luisa Frias next to the titles

  4. Choose Live Stream or In-Person

  5. Click on the Sign Up button!

HBH Schedule


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