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Wellness stories from clients

I started The Wellness Connection in 2011 and since then, I have been working with private clients teaching dance and movement. My focus shifted in my early 20s to healing and mobility after I personally suffered severe back pains and anxiety from a car accident. The obsession with health was only strengthened when caring for a beloved family member who's mobility deteriorated over time, due to health complications.

There is so much more that can be done to help others live and move better outside of traditional healthcare. Learn how my clients have improved their life using my strength, mobility and dance training.

Happy Smile


Your style of movement and mobility is such an amazing gift. It has helped me so much in terms of releasing pain (and stress), and I'm so grateful. And I know it will help me for years to come.



Working with Luisa has changed my life in quantum leaps! I’ve learned to connect with my own body. I’ve been blessed with an experience of asthma and Luisa has helped me find healing. Luisa also has facilitated me through shadow work and find peace.


I’m a Family Physician and see the blessings from working with Luisa from both a spiritual and medical perspective! I’m grateful to Luisa! She is AMAZING!


April Soto, MD

Family Medicine, HIV Medicine, Integrative Medicine 



I love that your various classes are about taking care of the entire body. You have YBB, which is my first love, which brings joy in cardio form, but also Pilates (whether on the reformer or a mat), where I get to feel strong, and Relax & Recharge, where I am forced (quite happily) to take care of my body through self-massage, stretching, or other exercises to release muscles.


Taking your classes means I take care of my own body, both physically and mentally.

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