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Private sessions

1:1 Holistic Intuitive Pilates & Movement

I help people get stronger by moving through physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I utilize a variety of techniques to give each individual client what they need. I have created my own comprehensive training method  derived from my trainings in Pilates, yoga, dance, wellness, manual therapy, meditation & breath work. When you work with me we use your own body weight as well as free weights, resistance training, the Pilates Cadillac and other Pilates apparatus. You will also receive a customized program to keep up with during the week and access to my online membership to continue your work outside of your session.

$400 per month (sliding scale available)

*Includes 4 one hour private sessions, weekly customized movement program, online membership which allows access to live & on demand exercise classes, body maintenance workshops and online movement courses. You also receive discounts and perks for Biomat Detox Sessions, retreats and events.

BioMat Body Work Session

This 90 minute session is designed to relax you deeply, boost your energy and get everything flowing again. Consider these sessions as a body "tune up" to maintain and promote good health and longevity. Each session is customized based on what your needs are that day and includes a variety of healing modalities and treatments combined in one highly valuable and unique session.

Session Break Down:

• THE BIOMAT =  A medical grade, FDA approved healing mat. It heats up with far infrared technology, backed by science and proven to reduce inflammation, promotes blood flow, reduces stress by grounding your energy as it emits negative ions, and helps your body return to homeostasis. 

• THE MASSAGE = Is based in acupressure and shiatsu, designed to relieve trigger points and open up the meridians in your body. Partly done using hands on techniques and partly done using rapid percussion (the "Happy Gun").

• THE LYMPHATIC WORK = Based on the "Lymph Mojo" courses created and taught by Dr Perry Nickleston of Stop Chasing pain. Deep pressure to assess and light brushing motions to stimulate your lymphatic system which is in charge of the health and wellbeing of your CELLS. Think of how great your skin feels after a deep exfoliation... this is like that but for the inside of your body.

• THE VISCERAL WORK = Based on the "Visceral Mojo" courses created and taught by Dr Perry Nickleston of Stop Chasing pain. Gentle work done over and around specific organs in your body. This work is mostluy done on the abdomen, chest and throat. Our organs need fluid movement in the tissues surrounding them for them to work at full capacity. Now days, we sit more, move less and breath differently, not to mention the toxins we are surrounded by, really bogs down the organs. You can get away with this for years unnoticed until something more serious arises.

• Effects / Benefits:

Purification of blood, regenerated cells, reduced swelling & inflammation, increased blood flow, pain relief, iniated enzyme activity, decreased acidity, improved immune system, reduced stress & fatigue, eased joint pain & stiffness, toxin removal, burn calories.

Upcoming Biomat Session Days:

Sundays: June 2nd, June 9th & June 30th ENQUIRE HERE

(other dates can be arranged)

$200 - 90 minute session (sliding scale available)

*$150 for online members & private clients

Small Group Reformer Pilates

Looking for more of a standard work out? Small group  reformer class is for you! Learn how to connect to your core, gain more flexibility, mobility, strength and improve your posture in a fun, laid back and judgement free environment.

Class Time:

Mondays 10:30am - SIGN UP HERE

Thursdays 6:30pm - SIGN UP HERE

*Limit 5 people per class

$45 per class 

These practices will change the way you move, sit, stand and exist in life. None of the sessions center around weight loss, body shaming or overwhelming technical talk – I only focus on getting you to feel your best from the inside out, feeling more confident with movement and restoring an optimal level of self love.

Group sessions

Pilates Class
Reformer training

Become more flexible, gain greater mobility, and become more in tune with the wisdom of your own body.

Wellness Consulting

Each session is custom designed for you and your specific needs to assess your patterns and work to bring balance to your system.

Healing body work

These healing sessions are a blend of hands on body work for organ health and function, rapid muscle release therapy and FDA approved Biomat therapy. 

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