Private sessions

Pilates on the Reformer

Private reformer Pilates sessions are a unique blend of classical Pilates and biomechanics enhanced movement, tissue work and breath work training. Private sessions can be life changing!

The Moving Massage

This is a blended and unique approach to muscle release and body work. Utilizing somatic movement, breathwork, rapid release therapy via the Happy Gun, and use of the FDA approved, medical grade Biomat. These sessions get you into a state of deep relaxation and regulate the nervous system allowing your body to begin to heal. 

Visceral Mojo (by Dr. Perry Nickleston)

Hands on work that helps improve movement, reduces pain and inflammation and detoxifies allowing your body to function better. These are simple and gentle organ reset techniques utilizing principles taken from pain science, neuroscience, psychology, movement therapy, osteopathy, and TCM are combined to give you a more dynamic approach to influencing organ motion for health.

These practices will change the way you move, sit, stand and exist in life. None of the sessions center around weight loss, body shaming or overwhelming technical talk – We only focus on getting you to feel your best from the inside out, feeling more confident with movement and restoring an optimal level of self love.

Reformer training

Become more flexible, gain greater mobility, and become more in tune with the wisdom of your own body.

Wellness Consulting

Each session is custom designed for you and your specific needs to assess your patterns and work to bring balance to your system.

Healing body work

These healing sessions are a blend of hands on body work for organ health and function, rapid muscle release therapy and FDA approved Biomat therapy. 



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